Timothy Charles Holmseth is grifting® again. This time by claiming that he is in the second phase of Operation Trump Live to Tell Some Great Lies $ 13,535. And then there was OPERATION: ALERT DONALD J. TRUMP which made $ 4,775 and of course, who can forget his pleas for a new car. Did he ever get that or was it a ruse to make more money? That collected USD $ 9,415.

Holmseth admitted in a letter he filed with the federal court that he was using money from donations to sue innocent people. If Timothy Charles Holmseth is on a presidential task force why isn’t he being paid? If he is “one man away from Trump” then why is he sending letters to Trump’s attorney and not calling him himself? If he is on a presidential task force then why wouldn’t he be able to have misdemeanor charges filed against him dropped? All of these are things that you must think about. They don’t make sense.

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