More Jon Benet Ramsey Lies

JonBenet Ramsey Update – Craig 'Sawman' Sawyer

JonBenet Ramsey Update – Craig 'Sawman' Sawyer

Gepostet von Timothy Charles Holmseth am Montag, 28. Oktober 2019

Timothy Charles Holmseth is once again dishonoring the name of a murdered child and creating drama on this child’s memory for his own selfish purposes. He is LYING to his supporters about solving the Jon Benet Ramsey case. It is one thing to tell a lie but to do so while invoking the name of a murdered child is absolutely disgusting. But, this isn’t the first time that Timothy Charles Holmseth has used dead, at risk or missing children as fodder for his depravity.

Timothy Charles Holmseth is a fugitive from justice. He is currently on the run and in hiding to avoid arrest on a bodily attachment warrant out of Polk County, Minnesota. He says there is no warrant, but don’t take our word for it…call yourself to the Sheriffs Department in Polk County as ask them.

Timothy Charles Holmseth has been creating videos a lot lately and today we want to summarize the filth that comes forth from his lips.

He claims he knows evidence about the case that is significant, yet no law enforcement personnel from Boulder, Colorado has come forth to proclaim that the case has been solved.

  • Claims that Dale Ellis Bennett was at the scene of the Jon Benet murder scene
  • Claims that his “Pentagon” source gives him information about the case and individuals
  • Thinks people are PO’d because of the information they are releasing.
  • THERE IS NO PENTAGON PEDOPHILE TASK FORCE. There is no proof of its existence but the word of a man who has lied for years.
  • Claims connection to the Pentagon. Come on, folks. Really? You believe this garbage?
  • Claims that people are demonic and pay attention to the names that Montagraph is dropping.
  • Claims that he has Pentagon sources but still has a warrant out for his arrest for not showing up to court in Polk County, MN.
  • TCH hates Craig Sawyer because his platform is much larger than his and he is jealous.
  • Claims that Craig Sawyer disgraces the name of the Navy SEALs.
  • All over the place with his thoughts. This isn’t a mentally stable person.
  • Speaking of fake organizations why isn’t the Children’s Crusade registered?
  • Discusses Sawyer being a con but Field McConnell has defrauded people for years
  • Holmseth has never provided any proof of solving a crime or saving one child other than attaching himself to high profile cases in order to get his name and psychotic thoughts out there.
  • Timothy Charles Holmseth is a liar and a fraud.
  • Says he knows what happened at the Ramsey crime scene but he hasn’t called the Boulder Police Department to report this?
  • Pentagon source told him that Bret Sawyer is Craig Sawyer’s brother. Sawyer is a common name, you dolt. This is what he does though.Why wouldn’t the Pentagon KNOW for certain the relationship between this Bret and Craig? Holmseth is very obviously lying about this and libeling Mr. Sawyer. First he said 20% sure and then 15%. Again, WHY can’t the Pentagon source confirm this but are depending on the public to identify individuals for which they have endless database and intelligence information?
  • Calls Craig Sawyer a thief and doesn’t show who he saves but neither does Timothy.
  • Timothy makes accusations about others but he and his friends have done the things he is accusing others of.
  • E-Clause LLC did nothing. They gave Holmseth bad advice not to show up to court but he still has a warrant and is considered a fugitive from justice.
  • Holmseth discusses selling JBR autopsy photos but he has no problem posting the photos of a dead baby.
  • Timothy says if there is a warrant for his arrest to prove it but the court record in Polk County is a fake court so don’t use that one. What? He has a warrant. See below.

Do your research. DO NOT just take someone’s word for what they say.

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