Timothy Charles Holmseth is a FRAUD

This was posted on Timothy Charles Holmseth’s blog this morning. Below his post are the FACTS.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on November 9, 2019 at 9:56 AM

Below are tax documents from Vets 4 Child Rescue.Craig Sawyer deceived the public by doing interviews and telling the public he was going to RESCUE children from CAPTIVITY. He did NOT do that. He LIED.Sawyer’s bogus organization was created shortly after President Trump issued an executive order targeting child/human trafficking.Craig Sawyer and Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) scrambled to throw this organization together when they realized President Trump was going to take down the trafficking operations.The objective was to make Craig Sawyer (Hillary Clinton’s bodyguard) appear to be a ‘famous Navy Seal’ – a ‘hero’ to everyday Americans who would trust him because he was a Seal. Sawyer was to become the ‘go-to-guy’ regarding child/human trafficking cases. Then – anytime a big story would break about trafficking they would bring Sawyer into direct the narrative (downplay it or blame a patsy). That’s how controlled opposition works.Watch the video documentary I created and you will see how Sawyer and his scumbag friends conned the public into financing what they believed was a RESCUE MISSION. They totally lied to you! They did NOT RESCUE children.This is what is called an ‘awareness scam’ because in the end Sawyer & Scum claim they are using the money to bring ‘awareness’ to trafficking (i.e. Sawyer tweets sometimes – ‘awareness’ right?). YOU TUBE is full of documentary’s on human trafficking. This PUKE stole your money by making you believe he was going to RESCUE kids from cages.Ironically – I reported exclusively from my Pentagon/White House source that U.S. Marines rescued 2,100 children from cages in underground bases in California.Sawyer was supposed to squash that story and he failed because America is waking up.Craig Sawyer is now bragging that U.S. Marine Field McConnell was arrested (Clinton style).

Where are the tax documents for The Children’s Crusade or the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force? Why isn’t Timothy or his co-defendants posting these documents? Why? Because they do not exist. Their organizations are a fraud.

Ask that Timothy post the documents. Ask him where they are. If he says he doesn’t have them, then ask why.

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