The Family Court Lie Told By Timothy Charles Holmseth and E~Clause LLC

E~Clause LLC has stated that they are the legal representatives for Timothy Charles Holmseth and Field McConnell. They have made the unfounded argument that Timothy Charles Holmseth has never met his victim or that they had no relationship. They also claim while pretending to practice law that the family court has no jurisdiction because of these “facts”. They are wrong as usual.

Breaking it down: There are five types of restraining orders that differ based on the nature of the threat and the survivor’s relationship to the abuser. When determining the type of restraining order to file, it is important that you review all of the requirements for each type before selecting one. Selecting the incorrect type may cause your Petition to be denied by the Judge. A person may file a permanent injunction in the family court where these matters are heard in Florida and if there is no familial or intimate relationship between them, then the type of petition they file is for “Repeat Violence”. The following is the requirements for such a petition for “Repeat Violence”.

Repeat Violence
You may file a Repeat Violence restraining order if there have been two acts of violence or stalking on two separate occasions, one of which must have been within the past 6 months committed by a person against another person. These types of Injunctions are usually appropriate for neighbor-against-neighbor, coworker-against-coworker, or other types of relationships that are of a non-domestic or non-dating nature.

When Filling Out Your Petition

  • Provide the Respondent’s first and last name.
  • If you do not want the Respondent to know where you live, write “confidential” anywhere your address is requested. Then complete a Petitioner’s Request for Confidential Filing of Address form.
  • Provide a summary of any recent violence or stalking that the Respondent has committed against you. 
  • Provide copies of supporting documentation such as police reports, other court orders, etc. 
  • Provide the Respondent’s location and/or as much information about the Respondent as you can by completing a Sheriff’s Information Sheet. 
  • If the Respondent lives outside of Florida, you will need to contact the Sheriff of the county where he or she lives to obtain information about having Court papers served. Provide this information and any relevant fees to the Clerk’s Office where you file your Petition by completing an Out-of-County Service Information Sheet.
  • Provide valid identification.

Below you will find the 176 page petition filed against Timothy Charles Holmseth. Please read through it. You simply cannot support someone based on their word. You must do your own research.

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