Fanatical, Delusional and Seemingly Psychotic

Timothy Charles Holmseth has a very long history of criminal behavior and has multiple permanent injunctions against him. Prior to the attorney filing an injunction against him, another Florida woman was forced to seek court intervention to make Holmseth leave her alone. In the course of Holmseth’s “investigative journalist” claims and his pursuit of information regarding the Cummings case rather than seek out answers to his questions, his emails were riddled with threats of lawsuits and demands upon his subjects. A real journalist would never do this. Inquiries don’t come with ultimatums as they do when it comes to Holmseth’s vicious brand of vigilante reporting.

When Timothy Charles Holmseth doesn’t get what he wants he makes threats or he files vexatious lawsuits forcing his victims to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees just to make him go away. Holmseth has a long list of filing lawsuits in an attempt to financially ruin and incapacitate his victims. The amazing part of that equation is that Holmseth always files for and proceeds i n forma pauperis (IFP) is Latin for “in the form of a pauper.” IFP status is generally granted to those who the Court determines do not have the resources to pay the $400.00 filing fee. To apply for IFP status, you must use the Court’s Application to Proceed in District Court Without Prepaying Fees or Costs form. While Holmseth is forcing his victims to rack up legal fees he was sitting back in his government funded housing pounding away at the keyboard of his computer harassing people at will. At some point this must come to a stop.

This is what he does and for those who have befriended Holmseth BEWARE. He does not keep friends for long and friendship with him comes at a price. When he is done with you or your usefulness has come to an end he will turn on you and he will accuse YOU of being a pedophile. He has done it to all who have tried to walk away from him and in fact, he is doing it right now on his Facebook and website. A man who spent his own money to support him when he had no one is now Holmseth’s latest victim.

Everything Holmseth claims in this blog post is not only libelous and defamatory in nature, but it’s not true. There is NO TASK FORCE. It is a lie. Ask yourself, if Timothy Charles Holmseth is ONE person removed from Donald J. Trump then why hasn’t Trump issued a statement that his charges are dropped or he has been exonerated? Why wouldn’t he want to honor this person who has done such a fine job for his country? He honored a dog recently. Surely Timothy Charles Holmseth would be eligible for such honor if any of his claims were true.

It is interesting to note that Holmseth is concerned about the “butchering” of himself as he claims. Do you know what that is called? FEAR. He is terrified that the truth is coming out and that his donations are going to dry up. The gig will be up and he will go back to being a big fat NOBODY in the grand scheme of things.

Come back later. We’re going to talk about his very long history of embellishments and we’ll have the evidence. 😉

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