Former Supporters Believe Holmseth Has Gone Off the Deep End

There is a train wreck happening on Timothy Charles Holmseth’s Facebook today. His supporters and those he has turned on are in an all out brawl and secrets are being spilled.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT BEWARE OF COURT WATCHERS by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 15, 2019 If you, a…

Gepostet von Timothy Charles Holmseth am Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2019

Tom Morrissey​ Randi appeared from nowhere with large financial support right after Timothy first reported on the Wetterling case

From what it seems, Randi L. Erickson who is the president Town Center Real Estate LLC in Anoka, MN is the person responsible for financially enabling Holmseth’s libelous and criminal harassment of innocent people. It is not lost on anyone who has monitored these grifters for any length of time how dangerous their actions are and have the potential to be. Randi Erickson is literally paying Timothy Charles Holmseth to write disgusting lies about people he feels have slighted him which makes her a co-conspirator.

It has been long known that when Holmseth no longer has use for a person, he tosses them to the side seeking out his next victim. Apparently this is what has happened with at least four individuals who have made public comments on Holmseth’s Facebook today about his dishonesty and when Holmseth gets mad at you, he accuses you of being a pedophile with zero evidence. In fact, the post that Holmseth put up today makes many allegations and not one single shred of evidence for calling his former friends pedophiles. Holmseth doesn’t care about the hundreds of dollars these people shelled out to support him or to travel to his court dates so he wouldn’t be there alone. He doesn’t care that they thought of him as friends and are concerned about the people influencing him for their own personal gains. Instead he lashes out at the people who were probably his only real friends in all of this mess he has gotten himself into.

It appears as though when his former friends started questioning his “legal team” that’s when the division between everyone began. They were concerned and rightfully so. E~Clause LLC, Kirk Pendergrass and Christopher Hallett have RUINED LIVES. People are sitting in jail because of them. They have lost their freedom because of these clowns. They have lost their children because of them. Hallett and Pendergrass are selling a service that is harmful and will have long standing consequences long after they have turned their backs on those they have harmed.

It was also revealed today that the Amy Dawson Youtube channel belonged to Timothy Charles Holmseth in violation of the permanent injunction against him. That won’t end well for Mr. Holmseth. On top of the warrant for his arrest in which he will spend 90 days in jail WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF BOND, he could very well be looking at additional violation charges which would elevate his case from a misdemeanor to a felony.

A word of advice to Mr. Holmseth. Turn yourself in. Stop listening to E~Clause LLC and your handlers and get your life together. This will not end well for you.

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  1. David Straight has never been a serving member of Law Enforcement as he has claimed, David Straight has never been serving member of the Navy as he has claimed, this has been confirmed and is still being investigated by US Intelligence Community for several reasons.
    As a pedohunter with Anonymous I was alarmed to hear David was making these false claims to gain the trust of vulnerable mothers and exploiting his false history as a LEO and a SEAL.

    Let me be very clear, no one is starting rumors that can harm David Straight,
    Mr Straight made fraudulent claims that just did not add up, Mr Straight knows that if he were to have served as a LEO as he claimed his tenure would have been listed on several databases to confirm the legitimacy it is NOT.
    He has no rank or collaboration with or within the US NAVY or as a Navy Seal which is also not necessarily public information but also not in any databases that were carefully checked by US Intel.
    Mr Straight claims on social media platforms that he was a former Sherriff but does not state where…in fact some of Mr Straights posts on Social seem anti police…
    I thought this should be posted here since it involves one of the frauds who help Tim.

    Mr Straight has made further claims to be a former Navy Seal and yet no collaborating info from him to validate that claim.
    An extensive search of several databases that would be sure to have his tenure, rank, anything of his service fails to list him in either position.
    This is not to us a simple lie on Social Media as we deal with thousands of fake profiles, pedohunter are concerned and involved as well as others to recognize why Mr Straight is using these lies, it is a concern he maybe using this persona to prey on vulnerable mothers who have lost children to DPS and would naturally put full trust in him believing his 2 major lies, there are several other concerns that I/we can not go into at this point but I can confirm as a pedohunter we are very much involved and will see this to the end

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