Sorry I locked You In The Trunk © 2003

Timothy Charles Holmseth is a failed journalist and a failed musician. We were able to deep dive into the archives and found some very concerning songs that Holmseth wrote. One of which is the title of this post. “Sorry I locked You In The Trunk © 2003

His other smash un-hits like:
Duct Tape © 2002 Holmseth
I Will Shoot You In The Face © 2004 Holmseth
Floating Babies (Ode to Mark Geragos) © 2003 Holmseth 
Dr. Binny’s After Hours, Ecstasy Program, And Gift Shop For Ladies © 2004 Holmseth
The Little Girl In the Nile Green Dress © 2003 Holmseth 

What has become obvious is that somewhere between 2004 and 2009 Holmseth had a psychotic break.

Stick around. More to come!

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