Shocking Photos Belonging to Timothy Charles Holmseth Released

This video leaves nothing more to the imagination about Timothy Charles Holmseth. For years he has raged about children and the exploitation of children. He had harsh and horrible words for a former friend who posted a meme showing children in a cage that was a joke. He made allegations against his friends and accused one of being a pedophile because he went to a church that a priest was accused of sex crimes at.

Timothy Charles Holmseth has been the judge and jury against others for decades whenever he feels like making unfounded allegations about them. He doesn’t care that he riddles the internet with filth about them.

Early this morning shocking photos belonging to Timothy Charles Holmseth were released of him and a young boy dressed in women’s clothing and makeup. The photos are shocking and in go against everything that Holmseth allegedly stands for. So, is Holmseth a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Did he not just accuse others of this exact thing two days ago when he said they infiltrate groups such as his? Perhaps his own guilty conscience was speaking as he made terrible accusations against his former friends and anyone he decides to point his accusing finger at.

The wolf is always at the door.

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