Holmseth’s Sick Song List

Long before Timothy Charles Holmseth started accusing people of pedophilia and child trafficking he was a loser who drank too much and wrote terrible songs. He had hopes of getting into the music business, but he even failed at that.

For a few years he spent his time writing disgusting songs with titles like Dr. Binny’s After Hours, Ecstasy Program, And Gift Shop For Ladies © 2004 Holmseth, Crackwhore© 2002 Holmseth, When My Monkey Fly Out Of MY Butt © 2003 Holmseth, How A Tomcat Dumps A Load © 2001 Holmseth, King Turd © 1998 Holmseth and other disturbing titles with equally disturbing lyrics. Timothy Charles Holmseth has been obsessed with the murder and rape of children for many years. After his custody case in 2009 and his anger at the mother of his child because he was accused of dressing his son in girl’s clothing, it seems that Holmseth suffered some sort of psychotic break and began his decades long journey into the abyss of child trafficking and pedophilia accusations. As time has passed his psychosis has become more profound as he is currently accusing people of not only being Satanists, but of being covert lizard people operatives who are stealing children for sacrifice.

This is not normal by any means. Below is the list from Timothy Charles Holmseth’s writeintoaction.com website from a web archive taken February 4. 2005. Some of the links still work and provide an archived page of the website and others don’t. As you will see, Holmseth was not spending his life helping children, he was writing disgusting songs about their rape and murder.

Click the link and see for yourself the


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