Field McConnell is “cargo” on a foreign vessel in dry dock

As if Timothy Charles Holmseth could not get more bizarre, he has exceeded all expectations of his lunacy and now claims that his landlord, Field McConnell, is cargo on a foreign vessel in dry dock. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Field is now a ship and jail is dry dock. You cannot make this stuff up.

Holmseth and his crew have aligned themselves with domestic terrorist group headed by Russell J. Gould and Robert Horton. Rumor has it that Kirk Pendergrass may have been voted off the island and hacked Holmseth’s computer on the way out.

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  1. They will all turn on each other now. David Straight was never the heroic navy seal he claimed to be. Randi Erickson was never a Minnesota tax judge as she claimed to be no matter how much we tried to prove they were. Timothy is clearly aware of this and chose to stay with them. Kirk’s ego is bigger than tx and he’s never won a case. He teaches law he dont understand.

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