Timothy Charles Holmseth & His Felonious Bedfellows

There is drama in the Pedophile Task Farce that involves Timothy Charles Holmseth (shocking). It seems that everything Holmseth touches or anyone he befriends ends up being called out by him as horrible people. There is definitely a pattern here in that Timothy Charles Holmseth is unable to have normal adult relationships. It certainly makes one wonder what type of mental illness diagnosis he has that he is unable to maintain relationships with anyone.

As was expected, Holmseth has fallen out with the guy who he claimed had “saved” his life. Timothy Charles Holmseth is seen to be quite ungrateful and proving that when his usefulness for a friend is complete, he will roll over them with his bus.

This is a blog post he put up and then removed, and then put up again. He seemed unsure of whether he wanted rock the boat, but his poor moral character finally got the best of him and he posted the following list of offenses he believes his former friend and counselor, Kirk Pendergrass has committed.

  • Kirk Pendergrass and Christopher Hallett of E-Clause had a lot to say about Timothy’s accusations last night on Kirk’s Law Corner. Below are some of the more important points from Kirk’s rebuttal that are contrary to what Holmseth is claiming, and as those who have now backed away from the fraud that is Holmseth know, he is a liar and will turn on you in a second if it benefits him. That is exactly what Holmseth, David Straight and Randi Erickson are doing. They are burning friendships and business relationships for monetary gain. Kirk says TCH claims that he was in Wisconsin solely to help Field are not exactly true. There was much more going on that just coming to help Field. Didn’t know Field was going to get arrested and was arrested day after he got there so the mission changed from just being there to create a school for CPS clients to assisting with Field’s legal problems.
  • Did Kirk announce his departure? No, he did not. He asked who did he have to tell that he was going home for Xmas to? He wasn’t aware that he had to get Holmseth’s permission to leave. Timothy also made it sound like Kirk abandoned the dogs. That is still a question that has yet to be answered, but for sure it seems that Holmseth was mad that he didn’t know about Kirk leaving and taking property with him. The car issue has yet to be cleared up either.
  • Holmseth claims that Kirk took off with privately donated items, and Kirk says if it was privately donated that means it is Kirk’s. Kirk claims that Timothy has violated his right to due process and that’s defamation of character.
  • Kirk discussed getting POA from Field for Kirk but Field got arrested before he went live and before POA was signed. Kirk and Randi tried to submit POA at sheriff’s department and they refused to send it in to Field. Kirk later found out that all sorts of people have POAs. Where are all the people doing something for Field with those POAs? No one told CH about POAs when they were brought into this.
  • Kirk claims he spent hours on the phone with Timothy and Randi Erickson and they still could not comprehend what it was E~Clause was doing. He then called them both liars.
  • Holmseth accuses Kirk of trying to take over Field’s youtube channel, but it cannot be ignored that his video was cross streaming on The Field Report last night, so it seems like Holmseth is making up lies yet again. Kirk states that E~Clause is still representing Field and Eager Beaver was in the chat as a moderator and stated the same.

It appears as though yet again, Holmseth has caused bad blood between friends and is telling lies to create division. He is essentially forcing people to pick a side. When people do that they cannot be trusted. It’s what he does and has a decade long history of doing this exact thing.

Currently, Holmseth’s Facebook is being bombarded with questions which he is not being truthful about.

This response by Holmseth is interesting as it is his pattern to avoid and deflect from direct questions by either not answering or telling lies in order to save face.

Field believed someone was helping to get him out of jail. Chris and Kirk projected to Field and the world that it was them that would help Field get out. I KNOW and can PROVE they are liars and con-artists. The poor old man sat waiting for help that was not coming (at least not by Hallett or Pendergrass). Listen to Hallett and Pendergrass talk. It’s always about secret back door deals and inside contacts etc. It’s all bullshit.

Remember the secret back channel of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force that Holmseth has not once provided evidence of other than his “word”? Holmseth has been caught in more lies than he has told the truth. If there is a task force why is his friend still in jail?

Pervert Holmseth

The truth is that Timothy Charles Holmseth is not an award winning news reporter and investigative journalist. He received an award for his reporting from the North Dakota Newspaper Association who provides advertising capabilities for ND newspapers. In the screenshot above his “award” has now become “awards”. Of interest is the fact that the NDNA refuses to respond to any request for comment regarding Holmseth, just like everyone who has ever encountered him on a professional basis. They are afraid of the stalking and harassment they may face as a result of speaking out.

He is NOT an FBI witness in a national profile kidnapping case. He sent emails to them and was probably interviewed because he behaved like a child predator and a potential suspect. The “report” he posts is his 50000000 page summary that he sent to an agent. He did not capture rogue CIA and FBI child traffickers on tape discussing their operations but he did write his perverse pedophilic fantasies in his books. He has targeted an innocent woman for a decade and has had multiple anti-stalking/harassment restraining orders since then. In 2019 Timothy Charles Holmseth became part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force which doesn’t exist except in his mind. The claim that Timothy Holmseth is the only reporter authorized to report original content for the PPTF is an outright lie. There is no Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. The task force is a creation of Randi L. Erickson and David Straight, sovereign citizens and QAnon supporters who are preying on innocent victims for their own financial gain. Holmseth claims that there is ONE MAN between Timothy Holmseth and President Trump. That person is David Straight, a sad bedfellow who has lied and claimed to be a Navy SEAL and who is guilty of stolen valor. Timothy Charles Holmseth’s entire existence is based up LIES and perverted fantasy. Stop giving him a platform to continue his deliberate and criminal behavior.

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  1. His entire basis for his whole persona is the testimony of Wayanne Kruger who says he did tape editing to create his entire thesis. She denies everything he says. Therefore one hundred percent of his nonsense is based solely on opinion. With zero facts or witnesses.
    That’s the truth.

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