Holmseth Allows Third Party Violations of Permanent Restraining Order

Timothy Charles Holmseth has been ordered by a Minnesota and Florida court that he is not to speak of or allow third party harassment of his victim who he stalked for 10 years. Holmseth claims that he is being silenced for exposing child trafficking, but that is not true at all. Timothy Charles Holmseth is a sexually perverse individual who sent disgusting emails to his victim and when she didn’t respond he ramped up his perverse content by asking her what her hair smelled like or what sexual positions she enjoyed. Holmseth even went so far as to ask her what her vaginal discharged smelled and looked like. Normal men do not do this but Holmseth is far from normal. He is sexually perverse and fixated on sexual perversion especially when it involves little girls, thus his fixation and obsession with child trafficking and pornography.

Timothy Charles Holmseth was deemed to be a credible danger and was restrained by two separate state courts from making further contact to his victim and as part of the permanent injunction he is not allowed to have third parties speak on his behalf or harass for him. Currently Holmseth is allowing his associates to post on his Facebook and allowing the derogatory comments to be posted. Timothy Charles Holmseth was violated on his permanent injunction because he was ordering others to harass his victim on his behalf.

Looks like he is doing it agian.

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