The Children’s Crusade Helped Fugitive on the Run

The Children’s Crusade is a fraud and quite possibly a criminal operation that seeks out vulnerable persons to take advantage of them. The corporate structure is still unknown but here is what we do know about some of the players in The Children’s Crusade:

  • Timothy Charles Holmseth currently in Bend, Oregon is on the “board of directors”. He is a felon and is on the run from law enforcement from a warrant in Minnesota.
  • Sarah Elise Dunklin of Dumas, Arkansas is a member of The Children’s Crusade and is responsible for coordinating cases and financial assistance to women who they are helping hide from childrens’ services agencies or law enforcement.
  • Dr. Michael Olson, Osceola, Wisconsin is the “medical doctor” for the organization and the McConnell Veteran’s Ranch scam.
  • Dana Davis Smith of Great Falls, VA is providing financial assistance and refuge to individuals on the run from the law

Timothy Charles Holmseth was awarded a position on the Board of Directors of The Children’s Crusade by Field McConnell. There were others who were known to be on the board, including Sarah Dunklin. We will focus on Sarah Dunklin in this post because she is alleged to be the person coordinating operations, providing financial assistance and guidance as well as directing mothers on how to stay under the radar while fleeing law enforcement or child service agencies.

In December 2019, Cynthia Abcug was arrested on a warrant for the conspiracy to commit armed kidnapping of her son in Douglas County, Colorado. Sarah Dunklin has been accused as being the mastermind who coordinated and assisted Cynthia to remain on the run and hiding out from the FBI. Below is a video that discusses the email sent to Cyndie while planning her flight across the country. Dunklin hid Cyndie and her companion, Joseph out in Dumas, Arkansas for a time before they fled again. Sarah advised them to wrap their cellphones in tinfoil ,and not to talk about certain things while in Dumas so as not to bring attention to themselves.

Sarah Dunklin broke the law. She knew that Abcug was on the run from the FBI and willingly provided her shelter and financial resources to evade arrest. Her notes and email prove that she was willingly hiding a fugitive. Her boyfriend, Ryan Wilson, flew to Wisconsin to get a gun. He has been implicated in the conspiracy to commit armed kidnapping as the person who was with Cyndie Abcug. Sarah KNEW that her boyfriend was traveling to Wisconsin and would be going onto Colorado to try to kidnap a child using a gun in the commission of the crime.

Sarah Dunklin willingly had a relationship with a man who made death threats nearly daily for months. While Field McConnell made death threats, Sarah Dunklin and the others involved in The Children’s Crusade sat by and said nothing. No one ever told Field McConnell what he was doing was not godlike but instead agreed with him, nodded their heads in agreement or laughed when he engaged in death threats and hate speech.

This is the man these people choose to honor and follow. This is the behavior they agree with. It says a lot about them personally that this is what they embrace.

Ephesians 4:31 “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.”

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