Timothy Holmseth the Friend with the Midas Touch

Timothy Charles Holmseth has done it again. One of his good friends is now in trouble because of her involvement in the Children’s Crusade and allegations of fraud and conspiracy in an armed kidnapping case. The latest victim in the Timothy Charles Holmseth is a Rotten Friend Club is Sarah Dunklin. Dunklin is a member of the Children’s Crusade and there is ample evidence online as put out by her victims that she was actively procuring “clients” for the Children’s Crusade.

Timothy Charles Holmseth is on the board of directors of The Children’s Crusade per Field McConnell. Field also stated publicly that Sarah Dunklin is on this board of directors of a charity that is fraudulent and didn’t exist legally until December 2019. This organization is not a nonprofit and Field McConnell himself stated that they were not tax exempt and didn’t have to be. Any donations should be questions as to whether they were used for anything other than enriching the frauds that were using it as a cover to prey on mothers with CPS cases.

Timothy Charles Holmseth has racked up quite the list of frauds that he is associated with. It is shameful that these people are seeking out the most vulnerable people of society and preying on them for money and who knows what else. Cyndie Abcug’s companion recently stated that Sarah Dunklin and Dana Davis Smith instructed her to get a “diplomatic passport” so she would be able to get out of the country and if anyone stopped her and asked for identification she could present the passport. She did go to the state department under their guidance to get a passport.

Northwest Liberty News has done a fine job of documenting the Cynthia Abcug case and discussing Sarah Dunklin and Ryan Wilson’s involvement. He has provided absolute proof of Sarah and Ryan’s involvement in the conspiracy to commit armed kidnapping. But there are others who Sarah Dunklin, Timothy Charles Holmseth, Field McConnell, Randi Erickson, Kirk Pendergrass, Chris Hallet, Francesca Amato, David Straight, David Jose and others were defrauding and dragging into a world of legal trouble by advising these women to file nonsensical sovereign citizen documents with the court on their family court cases. ALL of these people need to be prosecuted for fraud and the other crimes that they are participating in under the veil of being advocates.

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