Trace Remington Emails Sheriff Hove & Dr. Olson Defends Criminal Stalking

The pretenders of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (which doesn’t exist) are attempting to help their friend, Field McConnell in his extradition case to Florida. It should be noted that McConnell is currently in solitary confinement yet AGAIN for violating a restraining order while incarcerated at the Pierce County Jail in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Trace Remington aka thunderstormz777 or panthereyez777 has been begging to help Field and spring him from jail. The problem is neither Trace or her friends understand the legal procedure that is required to file their fake remonstrance or emoluments violations. None of that matters in this case and they are doing nothing more than wasting the court’s time and committing paper terrorism.

Michael Olson, DC aka Dr. Goodvibes filed a writ of habeas corpus with the federal court on behalf of Field McConnell. In his writ he stated the Pierce County Sheriff refuses to offer McConnell any bond. It is not the Sheriff’s legal duty to offer bond. That is the decision of a judge and McConnell’s “legal counsel” E~Clause who aren’t attorneys but frauds with mugshots failed to advise McConnell that he could have asked for bond at his initial appearance after he was arrested. That’s lie #1 from the writ.

Dr. Olson claims that McConnell’s incarceration is illegal and unlawful because he is innocent until proven guilty. Again, the sheriff is not the judge and it is a court of law that determines McConnell’s guilt or innocence. The Sheriff was doing as she was ordered. To arrest and hand McConnell over to the state of Florida to stand trial for violating a restraining order repeatedly to the point that aggravated stalking charges were filed.

Dr. Michael Olson claims that McConnell’s victim is an “unknown woman” and again he is lying. Dr. Olson sat in during McConnell’s “radio” broadcasts being streamed live on YouTube and repeatedly heard McConnell making death threats and other disparaging comments about his victim. Not one time did Dr. Olson speak out about the death threats, instead he nodded his head in agreement or verbally encouraged McConnell to continue harassing and violating his restraining order.

Also of note regarding this petition, where is the legal argument? The court doesn’t rule on your feelings. They deal in FACT and law.

In case you need a reminder of who Tracy Jo Remington is she is the woman who claims that there are dead children in candy and McDonald’s is putting dead fetuses in your hamburgers. How can anyone take these people seriously? They are obviously NOT NORMAL.

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