Randi Erickson and Holmseth Put on the McConnell Naughty List

In true form Timothy Charles Holmseth is burning bridges as fast as he can build them. If you all remember it has been said that Field McConnell wouldn’t be in the situation that he is in had it not been for Timothy Charles Holmseth. After McConnell and his friends showered Holmseth with kindness, gifts of money and offered him shelter in their homes Timothy Charles Holmseth has stabbed them all in the back.

Today Gordon who runs the Field Report put up a video containing audio in which Randi L. Erickson can be heard demanding that Robert Horton (a sovereign citizen reject) should be on the show and that they should be highlighting Timothy’s case because it was Randi Erickson who even coordinated to put Field and Timothy together anyhow. That didn’t sit well with GOrdon or anyone who was on the conference call and it became apparent that Timothy Charles Holmseth and Randi Erickson had their own agenda to take over Field’s audience and use it for their own benefit.

Gordon put up this description.

Without Prejudice.

This audio was taken on Dec 12, 2019 before our regularly scheduled show. On this day Timothy Holmseth appeared in our zoom chat with the intention of going live on The Field Report with Robert Horton. The truth to the matter is plain. I Eager Beaver am simply respecting the wish and request from Field McConnell himself. I will not suffer any narrative being pushed by Tim Holmseth or Randi Erickson. Full stop. Malitiis hominum est obviandum

It’s starting to look like Timothy is on his way outsky. Timothy has even turned on his old friend Terry Nemmers. What can be learned by all of those involved with Holmseth or who are still defending him is that Timothy cares about Timothy. When he is done using you you’re done.

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