Timothy Charles Holmseth Is Nobody’s Friend

Let us say it again loud and clear: Field McConnell is where he is because of Timothy Charles Holmseth’s lies. Timothy’s absolute hatred for his victim and spinning stories for years to the point that he had a restraining order against him and when he couldn’t harass her himself, he urged others to do it for him. Field would not be where he is if he had never listened to the lies of Timothy Charles Holmseth and Randi L. Erickson.

Field McConnell opened his home up to Holmseth and fed him, gave him shelter and financial assistance. Timothy Charles Holmseth did what he has done to every single friend he has ever had. He betrayed them. When he was done using them and they had nothing else to offer he hit the road.

Holmseth and Erickson are being shunned by their former friends because they tried to take over Field’s Youtube channel for their own benefit and purposes. Stay tuned as this story unfolds.

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