Investigation launched into ABEL DANGER donations by FELON & FRAUD Holmseth

The latest news out of the Holmseth camp is that he is opening an independent investigation which he will lead into the potential malfeasance of Field McConnell’s close friend, Agent Margaritaville. Timothy Charles Holmseth’s post brings up several questions.

Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports is opening an independent investigation into matters regarding donations, if any, received by any entity associated with Field McConnell’s online radio program ABEL DANGER and/or THE FIELD REPORT, and/or THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE.

So now he is Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports? Holmseth opening an “independent investigation into matters regarding donations” is like the mob investigating themselves. He is corrupt and a scam artist who has been living off of donations for the past few years because he won’t work. He has been milking this child trafficking schtick for a long time so if he is investigating anything about money it is likely because he feels like he didn’t get his cut of it.

The investigation was prompted by the extremely bizarre, suspicious, irresponsible, and defamatory behavior of a You Tuber called Agent Margaritaville. Agent Margaritaville (real name Gerald) is a man from Canada whom I do not know. Gerald from Canada was a semi frequent guest on Field McConnell’s program and has spent a long time in prison for his dishonesty.

Let’s talk about this claim for a moment, shall we? This is what irony looks like. Timothy Charles Holmseth has no business referring to anyone in these terms let alone bringing up “defamatory behavior” when his VERY EXISTENCE is based upon making salacious, libelous and defamatory statements about innocent people. This is the person who has spent the last decade or more calling anyone who crosses him a pedophile or making outlandish claims that they have murdered or raped children with NO proof whatsoever. If you cross him you will be called a pedophile.

I did not receive any such described monies.

I am opening an investigation based upon Gerald from Canada’s erratic behavior, in conjunction with any facts that may arise from a $141,955.06 Federal Tax Lien that exists against Field McConnell.

Again, Holmseth is not being truthful about receiving monies. He accepted donations. He and Field McConnell claimed that they needed donations to pay the SEALs who were protecting Holmseth. They sought donations for and received monies from individuals prior to his gathering in North Dakota and Timothy continues to raise and receive donations using his fictitious Pentagon Pedophile Task Force fraud. If anyone needs to open an investigation it is the IRS for tax and charity fraud, as well as the FBI for the organized rackateering and wire fraud that Timothy and his cohorts engage in.

It is amazing that Holmseth continues on with the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force scam. In the below screenshot of one of his comments he asked whether Field paid his taxes? Isn’t his BFF lady friend, Randi L. Erickson, a tax judge? Wouldn’t she know whether he paid his taxes and isn’t it sovereign citizen ideology that they don’t pay taxes? He and his team? Does he mean he and Randi are investigating? As far as being capable that is about as far from the truth as you can get. They are referred to as Dumb and Dumber for a reason.

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