Fraudulent Charities & The Children’s Crusade

Timothy Charles Holmseth and Randi L. Erickson continue to try to smooth over the latest revelation that they, as well as Field McConnell and his associates, were defrauding the public with regard to donations requested and received for The Children’s Crusade. Timothy Charles Holmseth has admitted that he was on the Board of Directors although he claims it was a symbolic position only. That didn’t stop him from seeking donations on behalf of the Children’s Crusade or asking that Field McConnell’s supporters donate to the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force so the “Navy SEALs” who were protecting Holmseth could be paid.

It has now been stated by Field McConnell himself that there is no such thing as the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force and that it does not exist, yet Timothy Charles Holmseth and Randi Erickson continue to defraud the public as if it does. They are continuing to collect money on behalf of Holmseth and the fake PPTF as Holmseth still has an active paypal account and patreon.

The Children’s Crusade has been an elaborate fraud used to depart gullible people from their hard earned money. Most can’t afford to donate large amounts, but do so out of their retirement checks and disability payments. Holmseth and McConnell should be ashamed of themselves for doing this. Although, it is very interesting to watch Holmseth try to clear himself of wrongdoing when it comes to the frauds perpetrated on the public by himself and The Children’s Crusade, but as they say out on the farm you can’t put the horse back in a burning barn. Holmseth and friends keep talking about investigations but perhaps they are the ones who are under scrutiny by the powers that be.

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