Holmseth’s Sick Obsessions

Timothy Charles Holmseth seems to be experiencing a schizophrenic episode and claims that not only is Donald Trump communicating to him via music videos, but so is Q. Holmseth is obsessed with the song Silent Running by Mike & The Mechanics and often posts the lyrics stating “trust me I’m with the high command”. As if any sane person would trust Timothy Charles Holmseth. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t trust him:

  • He claims that he is a member of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force which does not exist
  • He has destroyed every friendship he has ever had and when he is doen with you he accuses you of being a pedophile and child trafficker
  • He emailed his victim asking what her skin on her stomach looked like and what the consistency of her vaginal fluids were
  • He is so psychologically broken that he has multiple restraining orders against him and has been court ordered to take four psychological evaluations
  • He is involved in The Children’s Crusade which is a fraudulent operation that was formed for the purpose of committing donations fraud
  • He has Randi L. Erickson of Elk River, MN doing his dirty work for him because he is permanently barred from harassing his victims
  • He put his friend Russell Gould’s life in danger by posting details about his legal strategy of getting Field McConnell out of dry dock
  • When you cross Tim he accuses you of being a pedophile as he is now doing to Kirk Pendergrass

This begs the question of who is riding coattails? Timothy Charles Holmseth has attached himself to every passing fad, phase and conspiracy nutcase that has passed him for the sole purpose of using that person to parrot his libelous and dangerous lies. Timothy Charles Holmseth infiltratred the Q anon movement in the hopes that he could gain traction with others repeating his sick lies as truth. He then caused Field McConnell to be incarcerated by prodding and prompting him to repeat the lies he himself was prohibited from speaking. He encouraged McConnell to repeat the disgusting lies and ultimately McConnell paid for his participation by spending over 100 days in a jail cell.

Holmseth is also well known for calling others pedophiles or alluding to that fact when he has tired of them or their usefulness has passed. Holmseth is now insinuating that Kirk Pendergrass is a child predator with his county fair comment. This isn’t news to anyone who has crossed Holmseth. It’s what he does, but doth he protest too much? We think so. In a google search for “Timothy Charles Holmseth” and “vagina” it resulted in over 500 results of Holmseth discussing a child’s vagina. It also brought up this result.

Is Timothy Charles Holmseth a pedophile and his discussions of pedophilia and sex crimes against children are projection?

And then there is this

You do the math or you can trust in a sicko pervert who thinks he is with the high command.

Timothy Holmseth is on the run from the authorities and has a warrant for his arrest. If you see him in Elk River, MN call the authorities IMMEDIATELY!

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