Allegations of Grooming

Timothy Charles Holmseth has been a man of questionable intentions for many and has been someone that has raised the pedometer off the charts for others. It has long been a question about why Holmseth is so obsessed with child rape and little girls’ vaginas. Agent Margaritaville claims to have some insight into this mystery. Take it for what you will.

Agent Margaritaville 1 hour ago (edited) Thank you for exposing this Glow. I wasn’t about to expose it on my channel while Field was in jail, however a LOT of evidence connecting TCH to Foster Home grooming and his obsessions was sent to me.

Perhaps when Field has dealt with his court matters entirely i’ll post what has not come out in other great sources like Glow.

Meanwhile, Field is safely in a protected environment with people who love him. He can call Denise again and reacquaint with those who love him.

He needs to come to terms with the TCH fraud as he may, and get strong again.

I appreciate some have challenged me on my role in this, but i’ve merely been acting in my friends best interest since day one.

That meant being neutral and keeping all lines of communication open.

Then “wastin’ Tim away, again in 🌴.

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