Holmseth Hops on the Neely Blanchard Trainwreck Grasping for Relevance

No one really takes Timothy Charles Holmseth too seriously these days but he gets an A for effort for trying to stay relevant. Holmseth has been fawning over e-clause for the past few days and blowing kisses to his good friends who left him with an outstanding arrest warrant. It is interesting to watch since he turned on his good friend and legal representative, Kirk Pendergrass and accused him of being a pedophile.

Holmseth and his fake charitable organization The Children’s Crusade have actively sought out women who have open child welfare cases where they have lost custody of their kids. They draw the women in with promises of assistance and assure them that they will get their kids back. So far, no one has got their kids back but two are now facing felony kidnapping charges in Kentucky and in Colorado because of the “HELP” of Timothy Charles Holmseth, The Children’s Crusade and The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. It is also to be noted that neither of the latter two organizations exist. They are fraudulent and non-existent entities used to interfere in custody cases . Timothy Charles Holmseth uses these cases as a way to discuss his sick perversion and interest of raping and abusing children. If you go through Holmseth’s facebook there is not one post or blog post that is about children that doesn’t discuss and go into horrendous detail of child rape and abuse. His words speak for themselves.

Holmseth is again singing the praises of E-Clause even though they are partly responsible for the outstanding warrant for not appearing in court. It was E-Clause who advised him not to go to court claiming that the court didn’t have jurisdiction over him.

Holmseth is now trying to use the felony kidnapping case of Neely Blanchard in an attempt to be relevant. Neely Blanchard is a client and friend of E-Clause who was arrested last week of kidnapping her children. Blanchard is yet another name in a long list of people who are involved in the anti-CPS movement who are mixing their sovereign citizen beliefs with the conspiracy theory ideologies of the q anon movement. She is sitting in jail for kidnapping her kids that she didn’t have custody of because she is obviously a bad mother who is a danger to her children. Holmseth is also literally begging Craig Sawyer to sue him. He may soon get his wish.

Holmseth clearly claims to have unique knowledge about international child sex trafficking. If the task force existed, The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force should be investigating Holmseth and others for child trafficking since they spend every waking moment thinking about and discussing the rape of children. If it walks like a duck…

Holmseth is alleged to be hiding out in Elk River, Minnesota at the home of Randi and Brian Erickson. They are hiding a fugitive from the law. If you see Holmseth contact authorities immediately!

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