Holmseth Gets Sexually Aroused by a Shoe Tree

Timothy Charles Holmseth is a pervert. He is a dirty old man with a perverted interest in little girls and child rape. He has put out two videos today of him roaming around a natural artwork exclaiming that there is clothing on the ground and filming shoes strung in the tree in Oregon. Rather than viewing it as roadside art as it is, Holmseth is convinced that all of the shoes belong to babies raped at the roadside.

Holmseth is rubbing his tiny boner because he gets to talk about and make videos where he talks about child rape. Listen to the excitement in his voice as he is going on about his fantasies of raping children.

Holmseth titled his video BABY SHOES IN RITUAL TREE – OREGON IDAHO LINE WEST COST HUMAN TRAFFICKING CORRIDOR UT WA CA MT WY NV and how interesting that he and his companion, Randi Erickson were driving and visiting each of these states.

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