Timothy Charles Holmseth and Pedophilia

It is always something that has to do with child pornography with Holmseth. He NEVER writes about anything other than sex with children. EVER. Today’s insanity includes this gem. He claims that children are being treated under tents in New York’s Central Park, but he can’t post the photographs because “child pornography laws forbid the publication of photographs featuring sexual abuse of children”. Is he fantasizing again that children are being raped? He claims the children are being rescued. Why would the photographs be prohibited for child pornography? Timothy Charles Holmseth is a very, very sick man. Does his every waking moment consist of thoughts of child rape?

If you have seen Timothy Charles Holmseth call the police immediately. He is a wanted fugitive and his friend and accomplice, Randi L. Erickson of Elk River, Minnesota is aiding him while he is on the run.


  1. The latest article where Tim Holmseth had pictures of what he claimed were deformed babies is a fraud. The babies and even the girl in the photos are actually works of art created by a woman from Australia.

    The images are at least three years old. This is the second time I have caught Tim using the works of artists and using their images to create false stories.

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