Timothy Charles Holmseth Obsessed with Child Sodomy

It cannot be said enough. Something is very VERY wrong with Timothy Charles Holmseth. I know of NO man who thinks like this let alone publicly posts their perverse thoughts online as if it were truth. He is publicly fantasizing about raping children.

Today Holmseth has posted this on his filth blog.

I want you to read this again.

Most people don’t know that when a baby/child is sodomized it causes their eyes to turn black from the pressure and trauma. Thus, it is referred to as ‘Panda Eyes’.

From Timothy Charles Holmseth, the self-proclaimed pervert

WHO THINKS LIKE THAT? WHO SITS AROUND AND WONDERS TO THEMSELVES WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A CHILD IS RAPED? And the people that are just gobbling up the absolute filth that this disgusting pervert is posting are just as sick as he is. One google search will show you that the photograph is being used as the clip for Youtube videos on child cancers and compromise to their immune systems. But nope, Holmseth wants to make this poor child’s suffering from CANCER about his own disgusting child rape fantasies.

You are a filthy animal, Holmseth and no one should trust this scumbag to be around their children!!


  1. I will be doing a video about Timothy Charles Holmseth exploiting children with cancer for his latest disgusting nonsense. This is the second time he has exploited children for these horrific hoaxes. I am disappointed that Facebook allows this kind of false information to be spread on their website.

    1. So how is it that children with cancer have both their eyes blackened. Common sense speaks to me that the two, i.e.- cancer and blackened eyes have little or nothing to do with each other.

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