Timothy Charles Holmseth is on the Run

Holmseth is on the run and his handler is making false claims again.

The Web has been saturated by Wolf Pack operatives (pedophile protectors) who have labeled Timothy Holmseth a Wanted Fugitive and encourage the public to murder to Timothy Holmseth; all because Timothy wanted the childrens’ nightmare to end.

Randi L. Erickson, City of Blaine Board of Special Review

FACT: Timothy Charles Holmseth is a WANTED FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE.

Timothy Charles Holmseth lied to his supporters and told them that his case was expunged. He then blamed Chris Hallett and Kirk Pendergrass of e-clause for screwing him over and lying to him about the warrant for his arrest. Holmseth is wanted and has a warrant for his arrest out of Polk County, Minnesota.

If you see Holmseth call authorities immediately. He has been known to reside with Randi and Brian Erickson at their home 9285 205th Avnue NW, Elk RiverMN as well as being hidden out at the office of Michael Olson of Olson Chiropractic of Osceola, WI.

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