The No Freedom Man

Timothy Charles Holmseth is on the run. He is constantly looking over his shoulder wondering if someone is watching him and reporting his movements so that he will be apprehended by law enforcement. He isn’t free. He lives under a constant cloud of paranoia and having to think about his every move. This isn’t freedom. Holmseth is a sovereign citizen and being a free man with his own free will is important to him and he has even lost that bcause he is a coward that took the advice of the two losers from E`clause and went on the run.

Holmseth is now so paranoid that he won’t do live programs anymore because he is afraid of being caught. Although he continues to claim that the warrant is only good 12 miles from the courthouse. If this is so why doesn’t he film himself going into a sheriff’s office and asking them to pull his warrant up? Why? Because Holmseth is a liar and a coward. A coward who lives under the skirt of Randi Erickson. Holmseth has no home. He’s homeless. He lives in his car or sleeps on whoever’s couch he can slouch on. He spends his entire life writing filth and pushing his child porn writings.

He’s not a free man. He is a fugitive and his days are numbered. TICK TOCK, Timmy!!!!

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