Timothy the Pervert: I will start with the kisses again

This is an email that Timothy sent to his infant son. Grab a puke bucket.

A Day In the Life of Hoff

Upon my arrival I will be kissing your cute little face about 26 times-whereupon I will begin squeezing your cubby little legs-then I will kiss you some more until I annoy you and you try to get away, but you won’t be able to-then I will tickle you a tiny bit (but not a lot because that’s not real healthy)-then I will threaten to bite your toes but I really won’t – once again, you will become bothered and annoyed but I won’t care and then I will start with the kisses again-at that point I will let you go but I won’t be able to leave you alone so I will be bothering you again soon thereafter, so get ready my plump little man. There will be no escape.

Author ~ Timothy Charles Holmseth, pervert

Timothy Charles Holmseth is a sick, sick man. Look at the photo above. He is in makeup and has dressed his son up in panty hose and makeup. He contends that this is an innocent image, but when the evidence of his creepy emails and the photos are seen together it makes one wonder if Tim isn’t what he accuses everyone else of being.


  1. This man is a shameful nuisance. It is my belief that he achieves sexual satisfaction through accusatory and misleading fantasy . The United States seems to be riddled with conspiracy theorists from Donald Trump right down to the bottom of the bucket.

    Men like Holmseth do not care who they hurt with their false accusations, their one and only aim is sensationalism and covert sexual satisfaction. In short, I consider Timothy Holmseth to be a sexual pervert.

  2. Timothy is a horrible person. Timothy is guilty of not saving children. Lin Wood retracted his information about Timothy Charles Holmseth

    1. Mr. Wood has got to regret tweeting out Holmseth’s fake article. TCH makes me angry for all the lies he spreads. It’s really shocking how many supporters he has. The whole thing is crazy. I’ve been researching it the last couple months and still don’t understand everything involved.

  3. Anyone with a Bitchute login needs to start bombing the admins with complaints about his multiple channels.
    and any others connected with him and his cadre of psychopaths.

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