Conspiracy theorist Timothy Holmseth and his girlfriend Randi Erickson are under investigation for committing fraud and claiming to operate the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.”

Timothy Holmseth is a self published author that became obsessed with the missing child case of Haleigh Cummings. Cummings, is a 5-year-old girl that mysteriously vanished from Florida in 2009. Holmseth has written many blog entries focusing on the private area of the missing child, has spun sexually explicit theories about the 5-year-old’s
disappearance that are not grounded in fact and has been arrested multiple times for harassing and violating a restraining order the former lawyer for the missing child’s mother obtained against him.

In 2019, Holmseth was scheduled to appear in a Polk County, Minnesota courtroom to go on trial for violating a restraining order that high-profile Fort Lauderdale based family law attorney obtained against him in 2011.

Picazio provided evidence that Holmseth sent her sexually explicit emails, made sexually explicit telephone calls to her, wrote sexually explicit blogs about her and incited violence against her by falsely claiming she was involved in a child trafficking ring.

Instead of showing up to court to answer to the allegations he violated the restraining order, Holmseth decided to leave his hometown of East Grand Forks and move in with his now girlfriend, Randi Erickson in Elk River, Minnesota. A warrant for his arrest has been issued in the state of Minnesota and he has been hiding out for a year, allegedly in the Anoka County home of Erickson.

Erickson discovered Holmseth’s case and decided to come to his aid. Erickson is a Grandmother that is obsessed with the Qanon conspiracy theory. Together, Erickson and Holmseth hatched a devious scheme to scam people out of their hard earned money. They created the fictitious “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force” where Timothy Holmseth was
the official “reporter” for this fake government agency.

They couple would drive around and pretend to report on child sex trafficking. Holmseth, hitched his wagon to the growing Qanon conspiracy theory and would ask his followers for money and ask his followers to donate to him, using the guise as working for the “Pentagon” in order to give a false facade of credibility.

Timothy Holmseth and his cohort Randi Erickson are now being investigated by the FBI. The FBI is investigating Holmseth for falsely impersonating a federal officer or employee of the United States, a federal crime.

Falsely impersonating a federal officer or employee of the United States is a federal crime punishable by a fine or up to three years of imprisonment. Anyone who pretends to be someone acting under the authority of any department or agency of the United States, and acts as such, or demands or obtains any money, document, or thing of value by acting as such, is guilty of False Personation.

The FBI started investigating Erickson and Holmseth when they were made aware of another fraud, Austin Steinbart. Steinbart, another “QAnon” social media personality, claimed to work for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Steinbart is currently behind bars facing charges for his fraudulent activity.

The FBI is on a mission to crack down on these conspiracy theorists, especially those committing acts of fraud. Sources say, it is only a matter of time before Erickson and Holmseth meet the same fate as Austin Steinbart.

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