The Dirty Trick Squad

Randi Erickson is now claiming anyone against them is the “dirty trick squad” which is ridiculous. The people who are against them are citizens exposing the truth of how these known liars, criminals and con artists are taking advantage of people who don’t do a very good job of thinking for themselves.

Lin Wood ruined his own career by engaging in activities that made him look like a complete psychopath. Maybe Lin has lost his mind? Who knows, but because he chose to disseminate conspiracy theories he has ruined his career and has been ostracized from a legal community that once used to behold him.

Field McConnell ruined his own career by engaging in these same activities. His employers were so concerned that they ordered a psychological evaluation which he refused to participate in and was summarily terminated from his job. Field then went on join forces with Timothy Charles Holmseth which was his undoing.

Timothy Charles Holmseth cares about no one but himself. He manipulated Field into believing the lies he told and used Field for his large YouTube platform to disseminate absolute lies. As a result, Field has been sitting on house arrest for over a year awaiting trial for a crime that Timothy is solely responsible for involving him in. To date Holmseth has not rallied Field’s supporters or anyone for that matter to stand behind and support Field. Timothy did not raise money for Field’s legal battle. Timothy and Randi Erickson have done nothing but make things worse for Field McConnell.

If there is a dirty trick squad, Randi Erickson and Timothy Charles Holmseth are the creators of it and they continue to harm their “friends” by doing nothing to help them and everything to further their own criminal cause.

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