Timothy Charles Holmseth Obsessed with Pedophilia

Holmseth is a very sick man. He continues to exploit children with neuroblastomas by printing this filth. He is such a pervert that he equates a child with brain cancer as being a victim of unspeakable acts and he writes about this endlessly.


  1. seams to be a lot of infos here with out any evidence?!

    If some one have to make an Website, with the only reason “to discredite Timothy J Holmset” and dint can show evidence, over blablabla an bad an unserious way…. seams you fucker can be antifa or other psycos.

    Fuck you bastards!!! We with the high command! Support for TJH from Kommando Spandau John at switzerland

  2. Kommando Spandau John you’re so full of shit. I’m ex-Special Forces and I KNOW that birds aren’t real. I met L. H. Oswald in Khabul 2007. I know the truth.

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