Oscar the Grouch Threatens Timothy Charles Holmseth

Not really, but that’s what Holmseth claims. In December 2018, Holmseth complained that he was contacted for comment regarding his involvement in Qanon, a domestic terror threat. Holmseth wrote on his blog

Yet…they will call an obscure independent journalist from Northern Minnesota named Timothy Charles Holmseth who has been arrested and jailed three time for publishing something.


Why did Vice News call and ask me for my reaction to ‘Operation Q Anon’ after I was doxed by so-called  ‘Anonymous’ because I was associated with Q and covering child sex trafficking? Why did the Vice News article contain a You Tube video with a cryptic threat to me ten seconds into the video by Oscar the Grouch?

Holmseth knows exactly what he wrote about. He has spent a decade defaming and stalking an attorney from Florida who he is court ordered not to write about, but he does it anyhow. Holmseth went to jail for violating the lifetime restraining order that is against him for criminal stalking. Holmseth doesn’t cover child sex trafficking. His blog is filled with hundreds of entries filled with outlandish accusations and outright lies. He spends his time fantasizing about raping children and accusing others of the prurient thoughts that are going through his own head.

The full video is a troll created by the real Anonymous, and not the QAnons who believe in lizard people and deep state cabals that are trafficking children.

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