The Unraveling of Timothy Holmseth

Timothy Charles Holmseth and his lover, Randi Erickson are digging themselves into a deep legal hole as each day passes. Both have destroyed their lives over their child sexual abuse fantasies and have alienated family members because of their right wing extremist activities. Neither one of them seem to comprehend that the road they are on will lead to nothing good. Holmseth is going to be going to jail and when the violations are filed against him for stalking and aggravated harassment he is going to be in jail for quite some time.

Randi Erickson is aiding and abetting a fugitive and will be charged accordingly. Not to mention the list of victims they are racking up with their disgusting accusations who will file criminal charges against them. Craig Sawyer, a decorated veteran and member of SEAL Team Six has been quite vocal about his plans for the dastardly duo. Despite his warnings the two seem to be unbothered about the road that lies ahead.

Recently Sawyer and others sued street preacher, Daniel John Lee. Lee’s right wing extremist rhetoric has gotten him tossed from every social media platform that is out there, including recently a ban from Mike Lindell’s frankspeech platform. Imagine being so radical that you get a ban from the My Pillow guy! Sawyer sued Lee for his false and defamatory accusations claiming that he was a satanic sexual abuser, a child trafficker and a pedophile. (Sounds familiar, right?) This is something that Holmseth and Erickson claim daily. They have been given multiple warnings and Sawyer says that he is suing them and will be going after them criminally. Chances are he will prevail in both since neither of these morons can ever prove even one accusation they make. Holmseth and Erickson regularly make accusations with zero supporting evidence. In fact, Holmseth regularly twists news headlines to fit his own perverse narrative.

Randi Erickson and Timothy Holmseth are going down and we are here for it. It’s about time!!!


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