Timothy Holmseth and the Delphi Murders

Timothy Charles Holmseth has spent a decade defaming and stalking strangers. Recently he and his lover, Randi Erickson of Elk River, MN have been traveling the US stalking their enemies. Holmseth has long made the most disgusting of accusations against people he dislikes even when those accusations are baseless and complete fabrications of his mealy little brain.

Timothy Charles Holmseth has made a career of making disgusting accusations against innocent people. Recently he has been accusing an innocent man of being the killer in the Delphi, IN murder case of Abigail Williams and Liberty German. Holmseth knows that this man is not a suspect nor has he ever been a suspect in any murder, but Holmseth doesn’t care to muddy the waters. He doesn’t care about justice or about children. He lives to exploit them.

Holmseth recently traveled to Delphi, IN to do videos in front of the city sign and the courthouse. Apparently he thinks stalking out families of murdered children is a game. He is accusing an innocent man of being the suspect, but in reality Holmseth resembles bridge guy. They have the same gait and appearance. Maybe Delphi police should be looking at him instead. He is the one who is obsessed with harming children.

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